Case Study: Mediabank

by Trey Harris / August 13, 2020

Mediabank is an award-winning, cloud-based toolbox that provides media solutions to the top four football leagues in Norway, the Swiss Football League, the Gullruten Award Show, Discovery Networks, and the Olympic Games.

Wallboard and Videoforce were granted access to Mediabank through Norsk Toppfotball and the NEP (the main TV producer for Norwegian Soccer). Video force is a system integrator for AV-equipment specializing in giant LED screens, live production for sporting events, and digital signage. The Wallboard team integrated with Mediabank’s API to display match results on their large stadium displays.


Our teams were faced with unique challenges when tasked with implementing a digital signage solution for a large stadium.

  • Hardware Implementation – The Viking Football Club’s large screens required hardware capable of easily presenting up-to-date, high-resolution match content.
  • Mediabank Network integrations – The content needed to be able to pull in up-to-date match results and statistics though the Mediabank.
  • Multi-Page Contents – The ability to automatically switch between multiple content pages was needed to show both the current and previous match statistics.


To solve the challenges in this case, Wallboard and Videoforce implemented specific hardware and custom development strategies to meet client needs.

  • Qbic Hardware Implementation – Wallboard is running on a Qbic FH-100. The signal is sent to an ATEM Production switcher so the producer can present the content on the main screens.
  • Mediabank Network Integrations – Mediabank data is being pulled into the content as a custom API developed using JSON script.
  • Multi-Page Content Designs – Two content pages were designed within Wallboard and alternate between ongoing and previous match statistics.


The result of this project is a multi-page content piece that is able to integrate with a live data source that manages sports statistics for sports teams throughout Europe.

The Wallboard team was able to write a custom JSON script that integrated directly within the Wallboard platform. Through this development, the content pulls live data from Mediabank and displays it on their large stadium screens so that attendees are up-to-date on the current state of play and other matches happening within the league.

Moving Forward

This project marks a huge step in what can be
accomplished with data integrations within Wallboard. Moving forward with this solution, we plan to:

  • Improve the newly built-out API to increase its fidelity and refresh speeds.
  • Fine-tune how data is pulled in to remove work from the end-users.
  • Implement this solution in other sports clubs working with Videoforce and Mediabank.
  • Expand our solution to work with other data engines that can work for a variety of verticals.


Download a PDF of the Case Study

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