Partner Feature: BE2BEAT

by Trey Harris / April 8, 2021

Wallboard recently sat down with BE2BEAT, our Israeli partner, and asked them about their experience using Wallboard's digital signage platform to bring value to their clients. Check out the full interview to learn more about BE2BEAT and their partnership with Wallboard. 

Tell us about BE2BEAT: 

BE2BEAT provides professional multimedia solutions for businesses and organizations, ranging from advanced music and video players, software players, digital signage, content creation, content management and more.

In addition, the company provides installation of professional monitors, LED Screens, Videowalls, sound systems, touch and Kiosk stands, meeting and conference rooms, hybrid classrooms and other multimedia solutions, all under one roof.

One stop shop both in the professional knowledge (sound engineers, professional music editors, leading graphic artists, A/V masters, software and application development) and in service and 24/7 availability. BE2BEAT’s clients ranging from large and leading companies and organizations to small retail businesses and shops.


Is there a particular area of focus for you or expertise in the digital signage space?

We specialized in a professional digital signage solution for retail, corporates, High-Tech companies, hospitals, academy and more. BE2BEAT also delivers tailor made solutions to our clients.

What geographies or verticals do you cover?

BE2BEAT covers Israel cross country with a full solution, and also provides services and solution outside of Israel for Israeli companies with branched, shops and offices all around the world.

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes of a Digital Signage CMS?

In our opinion, the most important attributes of a Digital Signage CMS are the ability to control multiple screens from the same platform and the option to deliver smart content in a fast and reliable way, along with real time preview and monitoring each screen. Also – it is very important for the content editor to be simple and easy to operate by the end user combining easy and friendly widgets, content scheduling, fast content uploading and assigning to screens.


What do you feel are the strongest attributes of the Wallboard platform?

Strongest attributes of Wallboard are the great and easy content editor – containing unique features such as animations, custom fonts, simple playlist editor, touch events and more. Also – easy content scheduler, real time monitoring and screen preview, Alerts and much more.

Is there a customer example that you could share where Wallboard solved a unique problem for you and/or delivered value to your team or the end user?

First of all - Wallboard greatly facilitates our support team in providing monitoring and information of all customer screens in real time while receiving alerts on disabled / disconnected screens, information on each screen and exporting reports in real time. In addition, for a number of customers, we have integrated to customer’s external database sources using existing features of Wallboard without the need for specific programming or coding.

What will your focus be heading into 2021 for new projects involving Wallboard?

In 2021 we intend to continue to move forward together with Wallboard software while utilizing more unique capabilities of Wallboard combined with market trends such as AI camera, sensors and beacons integration, Calendar and room scheduling integration, interactive content and more. We see a great future together!

For more information about Wallboard or for questions about becoming a Wallboard partner, contact us at 

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