Case Study: Mabrey Bank

by Trey Harris / May 27, 2021

When opening their new flagship location in Oklahoma City, Mabrey Bank wanted to design a modern lobby that would wow and engage visitors. The centerpiece of this lobby would be a large interactive display that would educate visitors about the bank’s history and show off relevant product offerings. In the end, Wallboard was able to deliver an interactive content solution to meet these needs.


The goals of this project were to create a cost-effective, interactive lobby screen solution that would educate bank visitors while conveying the idea of expansion and growth. The content also needed to be easily editable by the Mabrey Bank team to allow for future changes and improvements. Most importantly, content design and its user interface needed to be intuitive to drive customer engagement with the lobby screen and promote ease of use.


For this project, Wallboard needed to address several pain points that typically surround interactive content development. These included:

  • The large upfront cost required by most custom developments
  • A lack of flexibility to make changes to content pulling in data
  • Being limited to generic content design templates


With the versatility of our platform, combined with our design team, Wallboard was able to deliver a cost-effective, interactive solution for Mabrey Bank’s lobby screens. Our solutions to their pain points were to:

  • Provide cost savings through cheaper labor costs when compared to competitive interactive solutions.
  • Design content using code-free interactions so that the client could easily make changes all within the Wallboard content editor.
  • Allow for the creation of custom branded content that aligned with Mabrey Bank's new brand standards.


Mabrey Bank Video Wall 2-adjusted

In the end, Wallboard was able to provide a feature-rich, fully interactive lobby screen that gives a unique user experience to all bank visitors. With this display, Mabrey Bank has seen increased ROI through, customer engagement, increased product sales, and savings with digital advertising.

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