A robust digital signage CMS is nothing without the hardware to run it on. Additionally, when it comes to media players, there are many options to choose from. Luckily, we have you covered. Let’s start by asking a few simple questions to get you started on your hardware selection journey.

Wallboard recently sat down with BE2BEAT, our Israeli partner, and asked them about their experience using Wallboard's digital signage platform to bring value to their clients. Check out the full interview to learn more about BE2BEAT and their partnership with Wallboard. 

Wallboard CEO Rod Roberson recently sat down with Darryl Kuder, President at Red Dot Digital Media Inc. to discuss their company and how they utilize Wallboard as a digital signage solution for their customers.

Red Dot Digital Media is a full-service digital signage company that is partnered with...

Digital signage leads the way businesses adapt by providing an eye-catching, versatile communication and messaging platform. Interactivity has always been a mainstay of digital screens, but the industry is rethinking the way viewers interact with screens by automating the process. Why should...

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